The Philanthropic Business

  • Philanthropists. Who are they? What kind of businesses and organizations have the best philanthropic presence? Most people might say that the kind of businesses that have the best philanthropic presence would tend to be the local entrepreneurial type. For example, before Starbucks became a multi-billion dollar corporation, they started with recycled napkins. If I remember correctly,they still use recycled materials in their cups, napkins, and cup sleeves. Because companies like this showed philanthropic practices prior to “hitting it big”, they grew into the corporate giants that they are today.

    An individual such as Jason Hope invests and takes notice of companies like this. companies that show promise due to their philanthropic practices. Jason Hope knows that a business that does good unto others, is the kind of business that will prevail into the future. These are the kinds of companies that are considered good, moral, and all around outstanding in their field. The kind of organizations that donate to a wide range of causes, not just one or two. These would also be the kind of organizations that if I were to imagine the perfect business as far as philanthropic presence goes, I couldn’t imagine anything better.

    Philanthropy is a necessity for any business – not just local businesses – in that it gives the business a presence toward its customers, as well as creating a name for itself. In fact, a smart business owner such as Jason Hope would use philanthropy as a sort of marketing tool to show that a business can not only sustain itself, but has the ability and resources to help other people and other organizations.

    Any business would not only be misguided, but simply lying to say that philanthropy has not helped them in one way or another. Mr, Hope has stated again and again how technology has helped businesses spread their ideas, methods, and the way that they help one another immensely over the last few years. It used to be that if the business did a good deed, it would not be documented in the minds of its customers until rumor spread by word of mouth. Now, people like Jason can show that their business, or another business has helped X-number of people in a matter of mere minutes via social media and the Internet.